Rental History

Any negative rental history can disqualify any prospective resident’s application. In the event that the application is declined due to negative rental history, a lease guarantor and/or a higher security deposit may be required. Negative rental history is described as including, but not limited to any one of the following:

 Any documented breach of the lease agreement unless documentation of proven negligence on the part of the Management and/or Owner(s) of the property is provided. Breach of the lease is defined as any monetary or non-monetary violation of the lease agreement.

•   Any late rental payments in the past twelve (12) months, NSF checks and/or any rental related debt outstanding, including payment agreements and/or judgements.

  If you are related by blood or marriage to one of the previous landlords listed or your rental history does not include a minimum of two (2) previous years, we will require a qualified Lease Guarantor for your rental agreement