“Do I Really Need a Property Manager or Could I Just as Easily Manage It Myself?” 
Of course you can manage your property yourself. However here are three things to keep in mind if you do:

1) It Can Be A Financial Disaster If You Pick A Bad Tenant

• You can get drained dry, either by the tenant not paying on time (or at all) or by
• Having your home destroyed (anyone think chopping firewood on the living room floor is a good idea? True tenant story) 

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2) You can get in hot water legally and financially with a poorly written lease

• How would you like a tenant squatting in your home, refusing to pay rent, knowing you can’t get them out for months? Or how about getting sued by your tenant for not meeting Federal tenant laws?
• Want a tenant painting your house purple without your permission?
• Tear a hole in the living room wall to ‘open the space up’?
• Grow pot in your back bedroom?
• Have 15 people living in a house meant for 4?
• Cars on blocks and being repaired on your front lawn?
• All this and more can be your prize if you have a contract that is not clear or enforceable.

3) Get ready to play collection agent, because the financial sob stories will be coming

• “My dog has cancer and I needed to pay for surgery.”
• “My transmission literally fell out of the car and it cost me $5,000 to fix it”
• “My ex is not paying the child support on time.”
• “I got my hours cut at work.”
• “I got injured at work and am on unemployment.”

Get the idea? These reasons are just for starters: there are 100 more reasons why they can’t pay rent on time beyond these.

Do you enjoy being a collection agent? (this is your new part time job potentially)

Do you have a kind heart? (if you do, that’s commendable, but it will cost you a lot of money possibly in missed rent payments).

"Ok, If I Let You Manage My Home, What Will You Do For Me?"

Find You a Quality Tenant Who Will Take Care of Your Home
• We thoroughly screen all prospective tenants, handle all property showings, paperwork, etc. to ensure you get a great renter.
• We’ll Keep You and Your Home Out of Legal Hot Water
• We handle all contracts, documents and property issues while complying with all local and Federal laws.
• Collect the Rent, Do the Accounting and Deposit Your Money in Your Account
• Make sure tenants pay on time (and get after them if they don't!). Do the bookkeeping. And most importantly, we’ll make sure your money ends up in your bank account!
• Get Everything Handled from A-Z on Your Home
• Tenant calls? We take them. Maintenance issues? We're on it. We treat your home like it’s our own.

"What will you charge to manage my property?"

We obviously can’t give you an exact price until we know more about your home (you can get a free quote further down this page). But here’s a ballpark idea of what most companies in this area charge:

• Fee to find a renter for your home
A fee of 50% to 100 % of the first month’s rent for any new tenant placed is not unusual. So, if your home rented for $1400 per month, you would typically expect to pay $700-1400 to get that tenant into your home.
• Fee to deal with all the ‘other’ things beyond finding the tenant each month (called ‘management fee’)

This covers everything besides finding the tenant. Expect to pay a typical property management company ranging from 6 – 10% of the monthly rent. So, if your rent is $1,500 per month, you might pay $90-150 per month in management fees.

"It all sounds good. But I’m still not 100% sure what I should do."

We understand. After all, we just met, right?

How about this: what if we gave you a free chance to see how we work, that didn’t cost you any money until we delivered results? No risk to you, would that be ok?

Here’s how it would work. You sign a management agreement (real estate law requires this before we can begin working on your behalf). Then we find you a quality tenant for your home. You don’t pay us a penny until we find you a great tenant. Sound like a fair trial?

Oh, and you can cancel at ANY time, for any reason, no penalties, no cost, no hard feelings. You’re not locked in. So, if we don’t deliver, you are never stuck, you can always get out of the deal. Sound fair enough?

Ready To Take The Next Step? Here’s What To Do

Click the “Get a free quote” button below. Once you do, we’ll get in touch and tell you upfront what our fees will be for your home and answer any other questions you might have. If you like what you hear, then we can get started on that free trial. Sound ok?

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